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The word "Kalaripayattu" kalaripayattu dates back to more than two thousand years and it is considered as to be mother of all other martial arts in the world .Bodhidarma, the buddist monk from sotheran india who founded the shavolin temple in china in the 6th century developed kunghfu from kalaripayattu kalaripayattu is the combination of two malayalam words . Kalary means school or gemnasium and payattu means the art of compact. Kalaripaayattu means the compact art of gym. It is practised inside the kalary under the guidenic and supervision of gurukkal or master . it is through four stages of kalary training. First stage is physical training or skill training that macturing the body like a gimnast. Second stage the use of wooden weapons like short stick, long stick,otta etc . Third stage is use of sharp metalic weapons like sword, kneif, dagger, spear, belt sword ect. And the fourth stage of kalarypayattu is famous in karata, kunghufu,judo, marma therapy,vaital point treatment and yoga meditation are the various branches in kalaripayattu.Othentically one can say "kalaripayattu is the complete martial arts….